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Unafraid: A survivor’s quest for human connection, was featured in Forbes magazine as one of eight books that spark human connection in 2020. 

"By being honest about her diagnosis and her struggles, Tamaskar broke barriers, hurt feelings, and reformed her relationships in ways she’d never thought possible. Unafraid shows the difficulty — and necessity — of connecting with others with a great sense of humor and unforgettable moments of emotion."
S. Gibbons, Forbes

JUST PUBLISHED 'Unabashed: Self-Advocacy and the Quest to Foster Empathy '


Niyati's story

Niyati Tamaskar is a mother, engineer, entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. She speaks on issues of cultural bias, the stigma of cancer, and more. Her speaking and media appearances include her signature TEDx talk, a cover and feature spread in Columbus magazine on her journey and message of destigmatizing cancer, and a video created by on “How Niyati Tamaskar Overcame Cultural Cancer Stigma to Become an Advocate”—aimed at highlighting the minority experience while facing cancer.

Human connection author and motivational speaker, Niyati Tamaskar, has written books for cancer survivors, aya cancer, and Ted talks about cancer.
What Niyati Specializes In


Public Speaking

Cancer Survivorship Support


Brand Identity

"If it takes a village to raise a baby, it's going to take a bloody army to battle cancer"

Niyati Tamaskar March 2018

"What I liked most about this book was how personal it was. One of the themes in the book is vulnerability, and Niyati truly opens herself up in this story, and lays bare her raw emotions, her fears and insecurities, and trepidation about the future. But lest you think she is wallowing in self pity, that would be the furthest thing from the truth.

The book is full of hope, as Niyati remains optimistic. She shows time and time again that she is a fighter."

- Amazon review, 

"What hit me the most about Niyati’s narrative was how she wears her vulnerability like a true badge of honor and strength."

- Tina Sequeira 

At its core, Unafraid: A Survivor’s Quest for Human Connection is a love story - one of great admiration for friends, family and career. Thank you, Niyati, for sharing your inspiring story with Cummins and the world. All book proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

- Lindsay Martin

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