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Nerd alert! Niyati is an Electrical and Computer Engineer, specializing in Controls Engineering. She works for a Fortune 500 company and has spent 15 years of her career developing electronic controls for a variety of machine applications and natural gas engines. An engineer working on engines, its her dream job. Her passion for engineering extends to her work as regional leader of Center for Women in Technology (CWiT) North America. She promotes STEM education and strives to prioritize engineering careers among minorities.

Niyati immigrated to the US from India in 2001. She graduated from the Ohio State University with a major electrical and computer engineering. Niyati and her husband Nuwan Gallege live in Columbus Indiana, with their two children.

Human connection author and motivational speaker, Niyati Tamaskar, has written books for cancer survivors, aya cancer, and Ted talks about cancer.
Niyati Tamaskar, a women engineer, author, and motivational speaker, talks about topics like human connection, aya cancer, and other cancer survivor books.
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