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Ever thought to yourself, I should write a book, but didn't get around to it? Intimidated by the publishing process? Don't know where to start? Here are my pillars of support: A phenomenal editor, a supremely talented cover designer (all found on Reedsy) and Reedsy for all other advice, training, publicity and marketing needs.

Cover Designer: Asya Blue

Never judge a book by it's cover... unless Asya Blue designs the cover. Judge away, her work is spectacular.

Awards Asya has won:
  • Bookbinders’ Guild of New York, Third Place Cover Design

  • Creativity, Book Jacket Design

  • The Educational Press Association of America

  • Parent's Choice Silver & Gold Awards

  • MarCom Award for Excellence in Marketing & Communication

Human connection author and motivational speaker, Niyati Tamaskar, has written books for cancer survivors, aya cancer, and Ted talks about cancer.
Human connection author and motivational speaker, Niyati Tamaskar, is a woman engineer and focuses her work on helping others through ted talks, books, and seminars.

Editor: Jocelyn Carbonara

"As a book editor for 20 years, I’ve worked on books for major publishers like McGraw Hill, John Wiley & Sons, and InterVarsity Press. I've ghostwritten books for a TV star, an NFL player, and a heroin addict turned doctor; contributed to more than a dozen leadership books; edited more than 60 books including non-fiction and fiction; and written articles for celebrities in magazines like Real Leaders, Victorious Living, and Recovery Today. As editor-in-chief of an inspirational workplace magazine, I've written articles and interviewed leaders such as Dr. Maya Angelou, NFL coach Tony Dungy, and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams. I’ve represented books to publishers and helped indie authors print and sell their books. In other words, I know publishing."

Find Your Freelancer

Reedsy is the world's leading marketplace for publishing professionals. By connecting authors with top editors, designers, and book marketers — and through their blogwebinars, and free courses — Reedsy has helped to publish over 200,000 books since 2014.

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